Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum, Dhubela Chhatarpur


The Dhubela Museum is situated 2 km. to the South of Village Mau Sahania on the Chhatarpur-Nowgaon highway, 16 km. off Chhatarpur. This 8 Galleried museum was set up in 1955 in a Palace built by Maharaja Chhatrasal. The first 2 Galleries house inscriptions, copper plates, Sati Pillars, Shivalinga and inscribed idols belonging to the Gupta and Kalchuri kings.

The Jain Gallery has a collection of art objects from various Jain centres of the Vindhya region. Notable among the images are - Rishabhnath, Sarvatobhadrika, Gomedh Ambika, and Chakreshwari. The Shaiva and Shakta Gallery houses important Sculptures. The prominent ones are Ekmukhlinga, Gajasurvadh, Nandikeshwar and various forms of Devi (Goddess) with Tantrik overtones. These are representatives of the Kalchuri and Chandela art. The highlight of the gallery is the image of Suryaputra Revanta (Kalchuri Period). The Painting Gallery exhibits works with themes pertaining to the rulers of Rewa, Charkhari and Panna ; Shrikrishna Leela and scenes from Ramakatha.

The Amusement Gallery contains eight giant concave-convex mirrors which distort the images and lend them comical dimensions. The Arms Gallery is home to weapons gifted by the erstwhile States of Chhatarpur, Rewa, Panna and Charkhari. Dating from 16th Cent. A.D. to 18th cent. A.D., the exhibits include swords & shields, bows & arrows, maces, cannons & grenades etc. The pride of place is occupied by the sword of the commander-in-chief of Chhatrasal - Raiman Daua and the canon of Adil Sher Shah (1702. A.D.)

Last Modified 6/1/2015